Enjoy homecooked meals and meet new people

EatinCommon is a new social dinner concept, for all of us who love homecooked food and enjoy meeting new people. They offer the unique experience of dining in private homes with openminded people, and welcome you to join a community of foodlovers and homechefs, and be part of a new social trend of eating in common. The concept is intended for different people in different life situations, but especially suited for new-in-town’s, families with kids, expats and local openminded souls.

They are launching in Oslo and Stavanger in october 2013 with 10 private dinners in each city. Thereafter they're expanding to the rest of Norway and Scandinavia. You can host an event in the comfort of your own home, or join someone else’s as a guest. Whether it’s breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, picnic, potluck or dessert it can all soon be arranged at www.eatincommon.com 

Direct link to the Stavanger Launch Events:
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